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WhatsApp has been rolling out new features lately. For instance, it had added the feature of reacting to the messages with emojis this year. Now, the Meta platform is planning to launch a picture-in-picture (PiP) mode for video calls soon.

What is WhatsApp’s PiP mode for video calling

This feature is already accessible to some beta users and is likely going to be released to more users in the coming days as reported by WaBetaInfo. This feature enables the users to continue their video call on WhatsApp in a minimised window on their phones, and free up the screen to perform other tasks. Users will also be able to use other apps while having a video call with the help of this feature.

Several beta testers, who have downloaded the latest WhatsApp beta for iOS update from the TestFlight app, are able to use this feature for video calls. According to the report, a PiP view will be immediately visible when you are multitasking with other apps. You can hide the video call view temporarily if you wish to do so as it uses the official iOS APIs.

WaBetaInfo stated that even if this feature is compatible with iOS 15 and newer versions of iOS, they have no evidence that it has been enabled for iOS 15 users currently. The feature is currently available on at least iOS 16.1, so it may be among the features supported by the update that brings the official support for iOS 16 as reported by the WaBetaInfo.

Meanwhile, WhatsApp is also going to introduce the feature of screenshot blocking. The feature is currently in beta testing. As the name suggests, screenshot blocking will stop the individuals from taking the screenshots of the “view once” images and video. The feature allows the users to restrict screen recording and capturing of the media that are being shared. This feature could be made available to the users by the end of 2022 or the start of 2023.

The Meta platform is also planning to bring the new feature of Avatars. You will be able to use the Avatar as a sticker, or you may use it during a video call. Another feature that the users are going to witness is the “Companion Mode”. This feature will enable users to link another mobile device to their existing WhatsApp account, including tablets. Currently, users can only link their existing WhatsApp account to a desktop through Web WhatsApp.

Another update that WhatsApp is planning is the increase in time limit for deleting the delivered messages. Users are able to currently delete the delivered messages within 1 hour, 8 minutes, and 16 seconds.

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