Things to do in line at Disneyland

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Check out all these fun Things to do in line at Disneyland (or Disneyworld!) Printables and games to keep your kids entertained! 

Disneyland is so funny. You wake up early and you run run run…and you get in line and then you wait. When you finally get through the line and on and off the ride…you go right back to sprinting to the next ride! One thing we didn’t take into account was having something to do while we were standing in line! We got Genie+ for all the big rides but we still had to wait in lines for rides that didn’t have fast passes (WHY OH WHY is peter pan ride ALWAYS a 40-minute wait!?)

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So here are a few fun things you can do while you are standing there in line (Luckily, there are so many fun things to look at on the new rides! The Guardian of the Galaxy is just so cool! So much detail in just the decor to get to the ride!)

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Disney printables to do in line at Disney

First up! I created a few fun Disney Printables!

Disney photo challenge

The first one is a photo challenge! A checklist of fun photos to get while you are cruising around Disney! They are the ones you would normally get- IE a picture of the castle. So while you are in line you can pull it out and check off some while you scroll through your camera! You can be creative and try to do all selfies– you can interpret it any way you want! 

Disney Ears Checklist

The next game is probably my favorite- DISNEY EARS! (say cheers!) There are SOOOOO MANY amazing Disney ears. Handmade and store-bought! (Which is why I have a roundup of over 100 Mickey Mouse Ears) It was so fun to see all the different characters and designs!

So here is a fun checklist of fun Disney ears to spot! Standing in line is a perfect time to search for them! (there is also a blank version so you can keep track of all the different ones you spy.) 

I totally had to put this picture of my husband!!! He always claimed he HATED Disneyland…

but check out this picture:

That is not the face of someone who hates Disneyland!!

Grab the printables HERE!

Disney Ispy

This is a free printable and I love this version because you can buy stickers or use a pen and just mark off what you have seen while you were walking around! Grab the Disney Ispy printable here! 

free disney ispy free printables

Mickey Mad Libs

What is better than Mad libs? Mickey Mad libs! 

Fun to do while standing in line and won’t be super heavy!

Hidden Mickeys

Hidden Mickeys! Splurge and buy this fun book! It will tell you where there are hidden Mickey faces around Disneyland (or Disneyworld!) That way, when you are standing in line you can keep your eyes out for them!

This is a free printable! So you could just screenshot and keep them on your phone if you don’t want any added bulk! 

Disney movie Trivia

What about fun movie quote trivia!? See how good of Disney fan are you! These are Free printables.

Disney ABC.

We try to take turns and name Disney movies in alphabetical order. Aristocats, Bambi, Cinderella, Dumbo. We just go round and round (we end up eventually skipping Q and X and Z and all those hard letters!) Then we do characters, Ariel, Baymax, Cruella, Dopey etc! You can do things around the Disney parks: Autopia, Buzz lightyear, Churro, Etc!


Did you know that Disneyland has a bunch of cats that keep the mice away? Did you know that Walt Disney had an apartment above the firehouse on Mainstreet? Did you know that there is a pet cemetery on the side of the haunted mansion?

Grab a fun Disney secrets book and find out lots of fun facts about Disney!


Heads up

This one isn’t Disney-themed…but it’s still a fun one! Heads up! It’s a fun app on your phone that you can play in line! (it will drain your battery so pack your portable charger!

You could also buy this fun Disney Hedbanz game! You could just take the cards and play without the ears! Like heads up but Disney characters! 

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