Sock Cupcake Tutorial – A girl and a glue gun

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If you need a cute gift idea that is so easy to make- Check out this Sock Cupcake Tutorial! It makes a great present for any holiday! 

This is a triple whammy. I love fluffy socks. I love cute gift ideas. and I LOVE easy projects! And this sock cupcake (Or ice cream) is all three! They literally just take a couple of minutes.

This is a perfect gift idea for a big group! Think birthday present for the girls at church, a teacher appreciation gift, or hand it out as a cute party favor. Or make them as a perfect Valentine to give to your friends! You can even make them as Christmas gifts!

Sock cupcake Supplies

  • Fuzzy socks
  • Snack bowls or baking cups
  • Red pom pom for cherry
  • Wood ball and skewer (optional for cherry)

You can make these with any kind of socks. But I personally think that the fluffy, cozy socks look the best! TJ Maxx always has tons of fun socks for a great price!

If your cupcake liner is on the smaller side, ankle socks would fit in the best. But if you want to use tall socks, try to find a dessert cup that’s a bit larger!

Sock Cupcake Tutorial

This gift could not be easier to DIY! I like to overlap the socks so one sock is a little lower down then the other one. If your socks have matching patterns, I try to pull one sock up a little so it breaks up the pattern as you create your cupcake!

It doesn’t matter if you do the toe end or the cuff. They both wield the same results! You need to try to keep it nice and tight and slowly roll it around. Like a cinnamon roll. But as you wrap around, the socks move in a downward motion to create the swirls.

Once it’s all wrapped, put in a baking cup. You can add a rubber band around it the base if you need to hold it in place. You can fluff it out or pull up one of the socks to make it look like swirled frosting on the cupcake! If your baking cup is smaller, you might need to wrap it really tight!

How to create the cherry

I originally was just going to place a red pom pom on top of the cupcake. I have also seen a red button used on top as well- but thankfully my craft hoarding really benefited me and I found all the supplies to make the cutest cherry in my craft room!

First, you need to add a dob of hot glue about 2 inches down and slide the wood bead down on it. Let it dry to hold it in place.

Then paint the top part green and the wood bead red!

I trimmed off the skewer and then it’s easy to stick in the center of your cupcake!

When it’s all assembled, it just looks so cute! My treat cup is just brown but you could find some adorable patterned liners or you could add vinyl or ribbon to match a theme!

You can also wrap these in cellophane or put in a cute bakery box to store them without the sock falling out!


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