Harry Potter Themed Easter Basket

What HP fan would want this adorable Harry Potter Themed Easter Basket? So full of all our favorite wizard things!

I am obsessed with Harry Potter and now there are some potter heads out there just like me! So today I’m going to show you all the cute stuff I got and how to assemble this totally fun easter basket that all HP houses will enjoy!

Supplies I used for Harry Potter Themed Easter Basket

I partnered with Oriental trading for all these awesome goodies!

I love using unconventional items instead of a basket! This time I used a sand bucket so it can be reused to play all summer long! Make sure to check out my unique easter basket roundup! You can also use a harry potter bag that you could reuse for a library bag!

You can also include other fun harry potter games and items! We love perler beads so we went that route but there is a fun Harry Potter Codename game, a fun HP themed Jenga, Harry putter mug, and a triwizard lamp.

Easter Basket Prep

Lots of items are ready to go right out of the box, but there are a few things you can to make your Easter basket extra cute! I made printables for these- you can find them down below!

I added a Honey dukes sticker to the lollipops and Bertie Bott’s Beans on the Jelly Beans.

Grab these cute HP ties and print them out and attach the front of the bucket.

I also tried to make the notebooks look a little more like the marauder’s map so I painted the cover brown and added a sticker! You can grab these free Harry Potter sticker set here!

And then of course the snitch wings to the gold easter eggs!

Assemble the Easter Baskets

I just placed all the supplies in the cute sand bucket!

If you have a kid that has a favorite Harry Potter house, you can make it a little more themed! We added a snake for the Slytherin house. You could also add a homemade Mandrake!

Here are all the baskets! What house are you in? Griffindor? Hufflepuff? Slytherin? Ravenclaw?

Harry Potter printables

I also have some free harry potter stickers printable for you! That’s where I snagged the I solemnly swear for the notebooks!

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