Five yoga asanas for diabetic people

Five yoga asanas for managing diabetes

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Yoga is required to keep you healthy both mentally and physically is something we all are aware of. But did you know that doing yoga without the right guidance will not bring you the results you expect. You should be clear about which asanas you want to perform and why. Certain poses help to reduce your blood pressure and blood sugar levels while improving circulation. This is why many experts recommend yoga for management of diabetes. If you do yoga at regular intervals, it may help to reduce your risk for different complications of diabetes like heart disease. There are multiple yoga asanas that help to activate your pancreas, the organ that produces insulin. Let’s have a look at some of the yoga asanas that are good for diabetes management:

Surya Namaskar

While talking about yoga for diabetes, the first pose which is extremely beneficial for diabetic patients is Surya Namaskar. It is actually a very good way to get your heart rate up and stretch your body. Moreover, it is a favourable warm-up before you do an asana or just go for a walk. You may get variations in Surya Namaskars as well. The exercise improves blood circulation, and blood sugar levels, and straightens your body. It even keeps your insulin levels in control.


This seated and forward bending yoga is a very easy one to start with. This yoga asana not only helps you to manage diabetes but even increases your stretchability before starting more complex poses.

Kapalbhati Pranayam

Another effective yoga asana to manage diabetes is Kapalbhati Pranayam. This asana works on your breathing and helps to improve respiratory activities as well as your sugar levels.

Adho Mukha Svanasana

Also referred to as the Downward Facing Dog pose, start this asana on all fours and ensure that your palms are under the shoulders and knees below the hips. Lift your hips up, straighten your knees and elbows, and ensure that your body is in the shape of an inverted ‘V’. Keep your hands shoulders width apart. Make sure that your eye is focused on your big toes.


Also known as Child’s Pose, to perform this asana, you should kneel down on the mat and then sit on your heels. Inhale and raise your arms above your head, exhale and then bend your upper body forward. Place your forehead on the floor and rest your pelvis on the heels.

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