DIY Ring Holders, Dishes and Displays

Whether you have 1 ring or 30 rings, you’ll find a way to organize, store or display them here on this list of DIY ring holders!

diy ring holders and dishes

Okay, I can admit it — I have a problem. If I’m honest, I have two problems. First, I am guilty of taking my rings off to make dinner and placing them on the counter. Eek! I know. They could easily fall on the floor or (even worse) in the sink. That is why I am looking to make a ring holder.

My second problem? I love rings. Doesn’t sound like a problem, but when you’ve collected so many rings that you happen upon one and don’t remember buying it, it is a problem! This is why in addition to a ring holder for the kitchen, I also want to make something to store my rings separate from my other jewelry. Maybe even a way that displays them nicely. This way I can admire my collection!

Anyone else have one of these problems? Well, I can help you out. I looked all over to find the best DIY ring holders, dishes and displays. I’ve collected them to make the list below and now I just need to decide which ones to make. Take a look and let me know your favorites…

So which of these DIY ring holders do you like best? Let me know in the comments and then check out these other popular jewelry-related crafts:

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