DIY Mickey Mouse Ornament – A girl and a glue gun

Learn how to make this DIY Mickey Mouse Ornament from Dollar Tree supplies and a hot glue gun! All the instructions are are here!

We get ornaments each year that represent something we did that year. Last year we went to Disneyworld and I wanted each of my kids to get a Mickey or Minnie Ornament to hang up on their tree! This fun DIY Mickey Mouse ornaments is the perfect touch for their Christmas decorations!

Supplies to make Disney Christmas ornaments

  • Ornaments in two different sizes
  • Hot glue gun
  • bows (if you want a Minnie Mouse version)

How to make a DIY Mickey Mouse Ornament

This is such an easy project! Really! You can create a whole slew of Mickey Ears in just a few minutes! The trick is the hot glue gun! This adtech glue gun has the metal tip where the glue comes out. It gets really hot! You basically just press it into the ornaments near the top. The metal part just melts the ornament into a perfect hole.

Remove the topper from the smaller ornaments and make sure it fits inside the hole. If you need a bigger hole, you can wiggle the glue gun tip around and make it wider.

Then you add some glue around the edge and pop in the smaller ornament.

Repeat on the other side. Make sure to place the holes the same distance apart from the top to look even.

If you want to do a Minnie Mouse ornament, add a bow with ribbon! Easy as that! Hang on your Christmas tree for the cutest craft!

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