Disney Bounding outfits – A girl and a glue gun

Dress up for the Disney theme parks as your favorite ride or character! Check out these fun Disney Bounding outfits!

What is Disney Bounding?

Adults aren’t allowed to dress up in full-on costumes as favorite characters at the parks. It’s actually a really good policy! You don’t want the kids getting confused about who the real characters are and mistakenly taking pictures with strangers! So Disney bounding is dressing up as your favorite Disney characters but in regular clothes that look like everyday outfits!

I found these cute examples from fandom fashionista! She’s got lots more outfit ideas so make sure to check her out!

If you want to fall down a fun rabbit hole- Just type Disney bounding on Pinterest and enjoy! So many clever and cute ideas!

Disneybounding as favorite rides

When my friends and I were planning our outfits for Disneyland, we were trying to think of some fun theme to dress up as. The 7 dwarfs (but there are only six of us). Each goes as a princess, snow white, ariel, cinderella etc (that has been done so much). When finally Holly came up with going as our favorite ride! Brilliant! Such a fun idea and so much room for creativity! We can adapt this basic idea to our own personal style!

The only problem was- there are so many cool rides! Here are some of the ones we didn’t end up doing.

I really wanted to go as thunder mountain because the goat accessories were so much fun!

Here are the disneybound outfits we finally decided on! Keep in mind- California was COLD and rainy! So we had to adapt! I was planning on wearing different sandals and not having a sweatshirt underneath!

Jungle Cruise Disney Outfit

This was my inspiration board! I already had green pants and this cardigan in my own closet! So it was just a matter of making ears, shirts and a bag! I loved picking clothing items I already had so I didn’t break the bank!

Jungle Cruise t-shirt is from Etsy

I was going to add some palm leaf earrings and other jewelry but when I saw the weather, I opted out for any extra frills!

I DIYed my Mickey Mouse ears! Glued on a red ribbon to make the stripes. The elephant is a sticker that I put resin on to make it more waterproof. And the ship’s wheel is hot glue! I used my glue gun like a marker and drew it out and then painted it!

And here is my backpack! I handpainted it with my favorite scene from Jungle Cruise!

Dumbo Disney Outfit

Alli from Cupcake Diaries put together this cute Dumbo outfit. We actually never went on Dumbo! There was such a long wait for it!

I love this one because I would wear the red shirt and the dumbo shirt all the time! Grab The retro dumbo shirt from Etsy!

Everyone’s ears (except for mine and Crystals!) were made by Orange Blossom Ears! She’s amazing and they looked so perfect!

Teacups outfit

Holly from Holly and Ivie put together the most darling Teacups-themed outfit!

She even had heart earrings and take a peek at her bracelet! AND notice who is in the teacup behind her!

Mad Tea party is here on Etsy and the ears are orange blossom again!

I just love the bright colors

Pirates of the Caribbean outfit

Natalie from My sister’s suitcase was Pirates of the Caribbean! I think she was the smartest because she got to wear her black joggers! Her purse had the Pirate coin on it!

Yo ho pirates life for me shirt here on etsy!

If you looked closely, the ears have lace on them that has skull cutouts! So cute!

The best part is when we were taking photos, the cast member asked if we wanted the pirate’s flag, and then unlocked the closet and pulled it out! Disney Magic!

Winnie the Pooh Outfit

Crystal from A pumpkin and a princess was the Winnie the Pooh Ride! She has an embroidery machine and made her sweatshirt and ears herself! She also had a pooh bear shirt on underneath!

These ears were just so amazing!

Another funny moment was getting a picture with Rabbit! He was quite offended that he wasn’t on her ears and would only stand an arm’s length away!

Haunted Mansion Outfit

Mckenzie from Girl loves glam was Haunted mansion! This outfit was just so fun and colorful for being the haunted mansion!! I need the purple pants!

The haunted Mansion shirt is here one Etsy! there are lots of darling ones! I don’t know how she picked!

The ears have a ghost host badge on them! and Those are tiny coffins on that lace!

And to keep things real- Here is what we looked like for the photos.

But this is really what we looked like for the majority of the day!

Other fun Disney shirt ideas

I have lots of fun cut files and ideas for cute Disney shirts! Here are some of my favorites!

Here is an image you can pin if you want to save this for later!

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