Christmas sign Hack using gift bags

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This Christmas sign Hack using gift bags is one of the easiest projects. PLUS, its the cheapest way to make giant wall art for every holiday! 

I was at Walmart the other day and so many cute gift bags! I kept thinking….these would make great signs! LIGHTBULB. A little mod podge and you have the easiest/cutest custom Christmas sign!

Christmas sign Hack using gift bags

Here are the bags I came home with, and they are all double-sided. This would be a great craft day project with your friends! 3 bags could make 6 signs!


Check out all these cute bags from Walmart that would make even cuter signs!

Don’t forget to check ut dollar tree! They have some great options as well!

I found all sorts of blank wood signs at Walmart (but you could totally grab some at your local craft store!)

Grab the bag you want and figure out what size of the wood frame would work best.  Just remove the handles from the bag and cut off the top.

you can add Paint to the wood block. I actually just added a few dobs of hot glue in each corner of the frame so I could remove it easily down the road if I wanted to.  

This is actually the back of the wood blank so you could make this double-sided if you want!

I think this one is my favorite!

Here is the one I made recently. This one is quite large and matched my Christmas tree perfectly! 

Check out this fun one from the Craft Patch ! I didn’t mean to copy her, but I ran across it the other day! I forgot she made it!! Isn’t it pretty?


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