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From health monitoring to the option of listening to audiobooks, an Apple Watch comes with plenty of features. Apart from the beneficial features, it also offers a lot of customisation options related to its look. Users can choose a variety of watch faces to decorate their Apple Watch as per their mood. When the Apple Watch first debuted in 2014, there were just 10 standard faces. However, since then, the variety has considerably increased and the number has reached as many as 31 groups. Among all the faces Apple offers, there is a stellar one named the Astronomy watch face. Along with the date and time, the face enables the view of our solar system.

Astronomy watch face on Apple Watch enables exciting view of Solar System; check features here

Though the Astronomy watch face was first launched with the first-generation Apple Watch, it has seen some major updates with the release of watchOS 9 and the Apple Watch Series 8 simultaneously. Though all of the latest watchOS 9 watch faces are interactive in some fashion, the Astronomy watch face includes a particularly unique feature that offers the visualisation of the solar system. As space has always been a curious topic, Apple Watch owners have found the look quite exciting.

The Astronomy watch face’s default image of Earth includes a live cloud map that shows where you are right now. Also, you have the opportunity of watching the Moon or the Solar System when you modify the watch face from the customisation page. To explore this hidden feature, you are required to activate Solar System views.

After saving the Solar System view as your watch face, you will be able to track the other planets too. You just need to turn the digital crown in any direction which will allow you to observe the alignment of all eight planets in their orbits with the sun at their centre. If you want to see how the planets’ orbits were aligned in the past or in the future, you can scroll forward or backwards several years.

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