5 healthy snack options you can enjoy

As the nation gears up to celebrate Holi on 8 March, feasting on some tasty food is the biggest thing on everyone’s minds. The festival of colours is well-known for its special delicacies like thandai, gujiyas or malpuas. But before you make plans to gorge on your favourite Holi snacks, stop for a moment and think. Binge-eating gujiyas or barfis can have an adverse effect on health, especially if you need to watch your blood sugar levels. But for those who are conscious of their health or need to watch their calorie intake, there’s no need to cancel out all your festive plans just because of food. There are healthier versions of many Holi snacks easily available. So, this Holi, let’s take a look at some foods that satisfy your cravings and also take care of your health:

Baked gujiyas:

Holi is incomplete without a helping (or two or three) of this sweet dessert. Try giving a healthier twist to gujiyas by using semolina and whole wheat instead of khoya. Add almonds and raisins and bake instead of deep-fry to lower the amount of calories present in the dish.

Ragi malpua:

Malpuas are another item foodies love to gorge on during Holi. Use ragi flour, oats and whole wheat for the base. Instead of processed sugar, add honey or melted jaggery. And voila, your favourite malpuas will be just as tasty, but much healthier.

Vegetable dips and sticks:

Pair carrots, cucumber and other crunchy vegetable sticks with hummus or any healthy dip to bring a healthy twist to your Holi party.

Bhel puri:

This low-calorie street food is a favourite all over the country. Mix puffed rice, sweet and spicy chutneys, tomatoes, potatoes and onions and garnish with some sev. This snack will surely tingle your taste buds all the right ways.

Low-calorie thandai:

Is it even Holi if you don’t have a glass or two thandai after a fun-filled party with friends? You can easily make a low-calorie version of this Holi staple by using toned or soya milk and jaggery instead of sugar. Add some crushed almonds to enhance the taste and serve chilled.

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